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Search Engine Keywords in a Winning Strategy.

Integrating Value in Search Marketing!

Nothing is more important than properly choosing your keywords...

How well you do this will dictate and define your marketing function's true potential, how much traffic you'll be able to generate and at what cost in terms of time, effort, and money, and how fast visitors are converted into paying customers.

Just about everything in internet business depends in some way or another on the proper selection of keywords...

There just isn't any other way around this basic truth!

The effective use of search engine keywords... or better said, the appropriate integration of keywords in your search engine marketing strategy is certainly no exception.

Several aspects of proper integration are vital...


Selecting Keywords as Per Your Own Goals and According to Your Understanding of Customers.

Every search term typed in by a potential customer on a search engine is a potential keyword, and every one of those is an expression of intent.

Some imply research, some others imply a casual "shopping around"... still some others go way past that and say "buy" straight out.

Just think about it for a moment... aren't research, "shopping around", and "buy", customer intentions you should certainly be very interested in satisfying?

I say definitely yes.

You should target all potential customers. Even those interested in mere research...

Isn't your internet business certainly able to benefit from researchers, and casual shoppers even if they're not ready to buy yet... they could well be your future customers.

Keywords that don't imply an immediate purchase are essential because they're necessary in building your internet business, and they reflect a desire for a certain type experiences that you should strive to provide.


Grouping Keywords into "Clusters" that Reflect Intent at Every Stage of the Purchasing Cycle.

Looking at keywords in "clusters" is vital...

Every properly chosen keyword is a chance you get at generating a certain amount of traffic of potential customers with specific intentions... whatever those may be.

So a list of keywords is needed...

In that regard, keyword "clusters" help you in organizing your total list of keywords logically into groups that may effectively satisfy every potential customer's intent in research, shopping, or buying.

You want to group keywords in "clusters" for appropriate assignment within your website's structure, and for specific customer intentions...

An effective "match" is then struck between the customers attracted and the experience provided to satisfy their intentions from within your website.


Balance Traffic Volume and Conversion Potential as You Integrate Keywords in Your SEM Strategy.

As you organize the keywords in your list, it's important that you recognize that while all keywords may be relevant, they're not all the same in terms of the traffic volume you can accurately estimate and their true conversion potential.

High volume, high competition keywords are usually associated with the "research" stage of the online purchasing cycle, so they often don't result in definite conversions.

It's simply because the intent implied in such broad and general keywords isn't "buy" or "purchase"...

It's just "research"... just "looking around to see what's out there".

That said, if your complete list of keywords is balanced enough with keywords that imply research, others that imply "shop", and still others that imply "purchase" you'll be able to attract potential customers regardless of their particular station within the purchasing cycle.

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