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This is MarketingWithValue.Com!

A Collection of Works by J.R Lora

This is MarketingWithValue.Com... all proudly done by me, J.R. Lora.

It's quite a simple website, as you have may gathered already... but one of pure content.

I've written every word in here... published them, edited them, conceived them from the ground up, and toiled day and night with them.

And I'll continue to do so because it's what I love...

To create and be creative... to learn new things and acquire knowledge to see reality in terms of what it can be instead of what it is.

It's exactly this kind of passion I'd like to inspire!

A passion for internet entrepreneurship... for creating something out of nothing, for building great things with what little we've got, and watch them grow into what we know they can be.


That's What's Great About Internet Business...

Although the money can certainly be a good and justified incentive, it's really about seeing a project through to the end.

Just making it happen, and it being a proud accomplishment.

If I've done that. If I've inspired with MarketingWithValue.Com, and I've increased your interest in learning the ins and outs of internet business... even in a small way, then I consider myself successful.

Here's what I can say about what I've tried to do with MarketingWithValue.Com, and what my intentions have been since I developed this idea...

I make no pretences of having any "secrets" to e-business riches. I'm only someone sharing my personal views on the matters of internet business.

I offer what I'd like to think is a unique perspective, an alternative outlook, and thoughtful insights on the issues of internet business and entrepreneurship.


I Try to Answer the Following Three Questions...

First... where do I start if I want to become an internet entrepreneur?

Then, why are successful internet businesses successful? And...

How does creating and delivering value applied from an internet business perspective fit within those instances of success?

Those are certainly not easily answered... I just thought I'd give it a shot.


That's MarketingWithValue.Com in a Nutshell...

Not a "tips and techniques" internet business resource, but a complementary presentation of the subject.

So do keep your "tips and techniques" materials and your "how-to" guides...

Read them thoroughly and learn as much as you can from them. I've even recommended the ones that have help me the most during all the time I've played internet entrepreneur.

Check them out at MarketingWithValue's Internet Marketing Resources and see them for yourself.

What's written here isn't meant to substitute, it's meant to complement.

That's MarketingWithValue.Com!

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