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The Value in Website Design and Development.

A Basic Outlet of Value in Internet Business...

Your websites... the basic outlets of value, and where building a secure presence on the web begins.

They're what you'll promote, where you'll make contact with your customers, and what you'll be known for.

Effective website design and development planning is essential...

You'll need to think about the things that drive value, deliver positive experiences, and inspire an immediate perception of quality.

Follow these six guidelines in designing winning websites above all others...


Establish an Identity and Keep it Consistent.

A unique identity is crucial to build a sustainable presence on the web...

Your internet business's identity is more than your cool new logo, your website's look and feel, or that clever domain you were lucky wasn't already registered...

It's all those things that say to customers who you are!

But you must keep it consistent.

Keep your website faithful to the identity you want to be remembered for...

It'll not only make your customers feel at home, spare them confusion, and help you build a recognizable brand on the internet.


Focus on Your Most Important Objective.

You must have a specific business objective, and design plays a huge part in meeting it.

Think about your success scenarios...

What are they, how will you lead customers into taking action in the ways you'd like?

Your success scenarios help you build a loyal following, and a definite presence on the web...

Designing your websites in a way that guides visitors through these actions is vital because it'll result in you gaining the trust to make the sale.


Design with Simplicity in Mind.

Simplicity is key. It's perhaps the most important aspect of website function and usability.

Simple websites convert visitors much faster...

Look at Google, the planet's most popular search engine with what would seem like the simplest website out there... a clean website with little more that their logo and a search box.

It's nothing less than brilliant!

Of course, simplicity for simplicity's sake isn't what I'm advocating here. An intelligent design that's as simple as possible is what's important.

Don't make your visitors go digging within your website too much. If they look for content, make it available quickly. If they look for a product, show it to them!


Plan to Deliver What Customers Look for.

A logical navigation scheme is perhaps the one design factor that contributes the most to positive user experiences. Remember simplicity...

Visitors will hopefully arrive at your website from many different places... search engines, other websites linked to yours, etc.

They'll come in through any one of your webpages... some to buy, some to look around.

That means that whatever webpage a potential customer happens to land on first... or whatever his intentions are at that moment, he must understand where he's at in relation to all other pages of your website and where to go next to satisfy that intention.

So it's those two factors... orientation and intent that must guide you when designing a successful navigation scheme. A disoriented visitor will simply move on and leave your website immediately and so will one that finds it hard to find what he wants.

In any event, you'll loose the customer and all the revenue he could have brought for you down the line.


Consider Issues of Function and Usability.

The issues of Function and usability are extremely important in designing winning internet business websites. They both contribute to your websites ability to sell and be profitable.

They're similar concepts, but they refer to different aspects of website design.

Usability has to do more with building your websites so customers can "consume" content quickly, easily and logically. A usable website is one where potential customers' intentions are satisfied.

Function, on the other hand, refers to the more "technical" aspects of design such as loading speed, broken links, "orphaned" pages, etc.

It's important to test these issues of function and usability thoroughly before you publish your websites. They can seriously hinder potential customers from doing what they came to do and provide an experience you'll never recover from!


Consider Relevancy, Substance, and Quality.

Relevancy, substance, and quality of content are... in my opinion, the three things that contribute most to success in the long run.

Marketing savvy and technical know-how are important, they may well be essential. But there's simply no substitute for good, relevant, and substantial content.

It's just crazy to think it's any different!

Good content will not only satisfy your users' intentions... but it'll also help build an emotional connection with customers and help settle your brand on the internet.

That's how a solid and secure presence on the web is built for the long-haul.

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