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Understand How Customers Search the Internet.

It's the Real Experience of Online!

The "Search Experience"... An Initial Interaction!

What should the search experience be like?

It's surely an experience you should understand because it's not just about securing a high ranking in the search engines!

It's about learning what customers search the internet for, and how they go about doing it.

Understanding the search experience from customers' point of view is vital.

That's the basic input for your search strategies, and the most effective way to start marketing your business on the internet.

Here's the search experience in a nutshell...

It begins within your customer. He has some need or interest that he wants to find out about.

But, it has absolutely nothing to do with you at this point because he doesn't know you yet.

He's not ready, or even willing to buy anything from you or anybody else at this moment...

He's only looking to see what's out there...

So he goes on the internet...

And although he may look in many places, chances are that he'll go to the search engines first... right now, he's just looking to learn.

He's looking for content only! And he'll expect relevant and usable search results from the search engines.

So making sure your website is found within relevant search results is the first milestone to successfully marketing your business on the internet...

It's what staging a positive search experience is all about.

And it'll be the very first online interaction that your customer will experience before deciding to buy.



The Inner Workings of the Search Experience...

A positive search experience is vital, so you need to understand it well.

It's an experience in which your customer's search efforts are efficient, productive and satisfying because he finds the content, resources, and tools he's been looking for.

Here's what's really important...

A positive search experience should leave a sense of accomplishment and success, and it should increase your customer's interest.

Lastly, it should move him a bit closer to that desired end... the purchase.

These three things are essential in the search experience...



Customers want relevant search results because relevancy makes their search efforts easier and much quicker.

However, customers may occasionally experience some difficulty in search.

This will significantly decrease their interest, and ultimately interrupt the process that should ideally end with you making a sale.


Choices and Options...

A positive search experience also provides customers with options.

They want ample choices so they can make up their own minds about which resources among those presented in search results best suits their needs.


A Guided Suggestion...

They also want suggestions that help in guiding their choices.

Search engines provide these suggestions of quality and relevancy within the ranked listing (from best, and most relevant... to worst, and least relevant) in which they commonly present their results pages.

As you may have guessed, the search experience isn't entirely up to you because you don't control all aspects of it, but you can influence it...

You can choose to learn what your customers search for online, where they search for it, and how they search to positively influence that experience!

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