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The Crucial Components of Value...

A Vital Trilogy for Internet Business!

Creating Value Starts at the Component Level.

These are the vital components of value...

They're essential in capturing positive customer responses and in generating interest and engagement for your internet business.


Emotional Value... Engaging Online Customers.

Emotional value is subtle, intangible, but very real. It's leaving a special impression on your customers... a quality of "simple elegance" that sparks surprise and continued appreciation.

It's all the non-logical reasons that your customers can't think of as to why your internet business, its websites, and its products are so appealing.

Securing an emotional connection online is only possible through your internet business's websites because that's where you'll most likely engage potential customers for the first time...

This makes your websites specially important!

So consider an effective website design vital for emotional value when you're looking at securing that initial "bond" with potential customers.

But emotional value will only get customers "through the door"...

You'll surely want your internet business to "grow" on your customers. At that point, maintaining emotional value becomes your main concern.

Maintaining emotional value is, however, a bit harder than creating it initially. It means keeping your business "fresh" in the eyes of customers and maintaining the "special quality" that initially attracted them to you.


Content Value... The Quality Customers Want!

People surf the internet looking for information. Naturally, value is created by providing it!

As so, and in choosing online content for website value you must focus on relevancy, substance, and quality before anything else...

Because no matter what products you sell or what services you provide, your internet business's core function will always be "selling" information with high content value...

Providing the most specific and relevant information as per the needs of your audience.

Also, content that is substantial and original will set you apart from the competition... it will gain your customers' trust, and it will support, secure, and deepen those vital "emotional ties".

Consider how your content serves the intentions of potential customers!


Functional Value... Designing Perfect Experiences.

How well does your website work? Is it structured properly? Is it easy to navigate? Are your visitors finding what they came for quickly?

These are vital questions...

They address functionality, integration, and website performance as well as other operating aspects of your internet business.

Once you've connected with your visitors on an "emotional" level, and they're engaged by your content, it's important to consider how each part of your internet business fits the whole.

Your website, your newsletter e-mailings, your payment process...

Everything must be designed to deliver what visitors seek quickly and easily.

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