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Starting an Online Business Following a Plan!

The Sound Structure of Online Business...

An online business is not just a website!

It's an important point that I forcefully stress because if you think that it is, you'll be misunderstanding its entire nature... and you'll be doomed for failure even before you start.

An online business is a real business... just like any other in all respects.

It's got processes that must be measured and controlled, performance targets that must be met, operating functions that must be managed, and a phase of setup that must necessarily be undertaken.

It's here, when you're starting an online business that you'll put everything in place according to your plan to create customer value as well as a sustaining profitability!

But don't let yourself be overwhelmed with the technical and details.

Just try building a simple business that delivers where it counts the most...

In building customer value!


Using Keywords to Execute Your Value Strategy.

Creating and delivering value starts at keyword level. They're the most important inputs to the most fundamental aspects of online business like assessing supply and demand, optimization, traffic generation, etc...

And, if you're to execute your business's value strategy exactly as you've planned it, it's essential that you understand how choosing the right keywords and keyphrases and using them properly will help you guide potential customers to a certain perception of quality and value...

So effectively approaching internet keyword selection to execute your value strategy is an essential part in developing your e-business.


Building Your Online Business's Presence...

Certainly, choosing a webhost, keyword research, and developing content are some of the most critical aspects of effective website design and development planning in building an internet business's presence... but they're not the only things however.

Creating a brand is also important! You want to create a recognizable name and identity for your internet business.

That's what builds a sustainable presence on the web.

You'll have to look at all components of value... in website design, in voice and personality, in proper navigation, in your conversion process, and in content quality, depth, detail, and delivery.


Options for Monetizing Your Online Business.

What are the revenue-generating options and alternatives that make sense to you and your internet business?

Which ones should you include in your mix?

Do they help you drive value or provide new and unique experiences for customers?

When you're exploring monetization and website revenue streams it's important to consider value and profitability for both you and your customer. If you do, you'll soon find that how you choose to monetize your websites can indeed serve to benefit both.


Linking Search, Traffic Generation, and Value.

Linking search and traffic generation is easy... what one has to do with the other is obvious...

This relationship between search and traffic is what usually gets the most attention and the one that is written about the most.

Some bring value into the mix, but they're few and far between...

Where exactly does creating and delivering value fit in all this? Well... the role it plays is vital. That's the way I see it, and I hope you'd agree to that too!

Building a stream of traffic that grows over time is the strict result of quality and value, not only marketing savvy or technical prowess.

This is the way you build traffic naturally...

In a steady increase, not only in recurring short-lived spikes.

Search and value are vital issues in getting more website traffic and are important concepts that you must understand for the continuous health and benefit of your internet business.


Mapping Out the Total Conversion Process.

There's certainly a right way to guide customers from their initial landing on your websites to their first purchase, which can lead to a second, third, and perhaps many others down the line...

And, mapping your conversion process to generate sales on the internet is definitely a huge part of it.

It entails deciding what actions you'd like potential customers to take when they land on your website, when they navigate through your webpages, after they subscribe to your newsletter or feed, and just before clicking on your purchase button.

It's all about customers' actions and responses! What they do in response to your strategically placed "calls-to-action".

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