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Successfully Selling on the Internet.

An Issue of Real Customer Value!

Do you think that successfully selling on the internet is about anything other that providing customers with real value?

Do you think it's about technical ability or marketing savvy?

Or even worse... do you think it's about any closely guarded secret that some internet marketers claim to have?

Well... it's not!

It's about creating and delivering real customer value first and then developing it into a marketing strategy to influence in customers a perception of superiority for the value provided.

Just pick any two highly successful products sold on the internet, say in the affiliate marketing field...

You can probably think of more than a pair... perhaps three, four, or even more products all published by extremely successful internet entrepreneurs.

Is one product significantly better that the other? Perhaps not...

Is the content within them radically different? Chances are that it isn't...

So what's the real difference?

What makes a customer choose one over the other? Or...

What makes a customer choose to buy both?

It's only possible to arrive at the answers by looking deep within where the real issues of online purchase behavior reside.


Availability and General Presence on the Web.

To sell a product on the internet, it must surely be available...

This isn't physical availability what I describe here, but availability for customers to find it.

Many products and services are available for customers on the internet, but some enjoy greater presence on the web than others.

This is of course, a great advantage...

A product that enjoys a greater presence on the search engines, and is given greater attention in other spaces on the internet will simply have far more chances of getting picked up and looked at by customers.

The more chances you get at presenting your products to potential customers, the more opportunities you get to make a sale.

It's as simple as that!

And yes, this has much to do with your marketing function's efficiency, and internet business's advertising productivity...

How you choose to promote your websites and how effective you are at that makes a hell of a difference!


Make Your "Packaging" Mean for Something.

"Packaging for marketability" is vital...

It's absolutely crucial when presenting your products to customers.

Any two products sold on the internet may be similar in terms of their features and in their general basic nature...

But huge differences may be highlighted in their "packaging for marketability"... where you can truly look at competing products and go all out with superior design, more effective sales copy, and more relevant benefits!


Provide More Sources of Value.

As an internet entrepreneur you must permanently be thinking of building sources of value for potential customers...

They can be anything... even your prices can be sources of value sometimes.

Don't be afraid to really stack them up... build them up big, and call your customers attention to them every chance you get.

Remember, customers don't buy products... they buy sources of value.

They're the reasons they will buy, so think up as many as you can...

Give customers reasons to buy from you!


Presenting the Offer of Value.

Presenting your offer to customers goes beyond "packaging".

They're related concepts, but some key differences exist...

While "packaging" is a means to an experiences, the presentation is itself a unique experience... you consider "packaging" to stage that special presentation experience.

The presentation focuses on what, when, where, and how you let customers look at your products and how you go about influencing a perception of superiority.

In the end, that's your main goal... to make it possible for customers to "see", "sense" or "perceive" a difference in your own offer.

"Packaging" on its own doesn't do it... how you go about presenting it is what really does the trick!


Stage the "Present Experience" of Pre-purchase for the "Expected Experience" of Post-purchase.

This is essential in selling on the internet...

Like with sources of value, customers also purchase "expected experiences"... what the product will bring them during use.

Customers expect that their purchase will indeed bring them in full capacity, the gains that you've outlined in your offer of value.

In that regard, it's important that in presenting your offer, you stage the "present experience" of pre-purchase focusing on the "expected experience" of post-purchase.


Recognize the Importance of Brand Value.

Customers also buy brand value... that's true of all businesses.

A customer's choice will always be biased, minimally at least, by the value he perceives from the brand.

This is true even if the brand names of the choices he's got aren't immediately recognizable...

He'll try to estimate and make up his own mind about the brand value of each of the choices before him, even if this goes on subconsciously!

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