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An e-Business's Strategic Product Sourcing Tools Beyond the Dropship Wholesale Directory.

Product Sourcing as a Critical e-Business Function!

Real product sourcing is something, that in my opinion, is a terribly under-valued process when it comes to internet business.

It's just not given the attention it truly deserves as a vital function of e-business...

As if building a business on the internet were just about search engines, pay per click, traffic, click throughs, conversions, affiliates programs, etc., to name a few.

The truth is that an internet business is a real business... like all others in every respect.

And like real businesses, must execute customer service, invoicing, logistics, operations, and performance at some point or another...

Vitally important things other than the marketing function!

Think about how securing reliable sources of supply for your internet business is certainly one of those crucial functions... it really couldn't be more important.

But, don't confuse product sourcing with purchasing, buying, or dropshipping even...

They're certainly processes that are similar in nature, but quite different in scope and in general strategic impact.

Product sourcing is really about managing supply and fulfillment cost-effectively, and making that be a sustainable source of customer value...

It's certainly not just about picking products out of a dropship wholesale directory and plugging them in a website.


Integrating Product Sourcing in Your Operating Strategy...

Product sourcing isn't buying...

First of all... and this is important, product sourcing is a business function no different than marketing, accounting, or operations.

It's actually just as crucial if you're reselling "hard" goods through your e-business.

It has to do with recognizing in your market "patterns of demand" so that you can effectively satisfy them with a coherent sourcing strategy that properly looks into the elements of supply and fulfillment...

Supply has to do with "finding the right product at the right price for the right market"...

Where will I get the products I want to sell?

How many suppliers will I have for every product?

When considering supply, you're basically addressing products and suppliers.

Fulfillment on the other hand, is more about looking at the different alternatives available for holding and delivering the product to the customer.

What "purchase model" is the right one for the product in question?

Will I stock the product? How much?

How big a hit will my bottom line take with my chosen level of inventory?

The answers to all these questions are vital... not just because they'll determine the manner in which you will run your business, but also because they'll have a huge impact as far as its potential profitability.


Solutions for Strategic Product Sourcing by WorldWide Brands.

The people at Worldwide Brands know how vitally important effective product sourcing is to real e-business sustainability and long-term profitability.

That's the reason why they wisely chose to satisfy so brilliantly, that crucial, but grossly under-addressed piece of the internet business puzzle...

Within the Worldwide Brands Suite of product sourcing solutions its not necessarily their huge dropship wholesale directory that's their most important contribution...

Not even their market research applications...

It's really the combination of all the e-business resources included in their product sourcing engine that makes it so special.

Their huge index of certified wholesale suppliers gives you access to millions of products from suppliers, internally classified by type, who are ready and willing to work with online businesses and internet entrepreneurs.

But beyond that, imagine how important are the advanced research applications, the training, the e-commerce resources, access to quality imports and liquidations, and what's really important providing you with the flexibility to manage your business economically...

You can decide where to source your products, how to buy them, what wholesale price is right for each product based on purchase volume, etc.

That's simply vital flexibility and exactly the kind of control you want in your e-business!

Access solutions beyond a dropship wholesale directory with Worldwide Brands!

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