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A Complete Website Marketing Strategy.

Designing for Marketability...

Finding Profitable Markets on the Internet!

Finding profitable markets on the internet and integrating a complete website marketing strategy are all part of a full-time marketer's most vitally important activities.

They're how truly sustainable businesses are built on the internet...

Going after one particular niche first... then another, then another!

It's like building success upon success... designing for marketability!

Designing an internet business for effective marketability means conceiving it in design as a real commercial venture by nature... more than just looking at it as a collection of websites.

Designing for marketability is the set of processes by which you conceptualize your internet business and all it's instances within the web to have a maximum impact within it.

Ideally, every one of your websites should be a positive contributor in your general plan for growth and profitability...

You must look at, and design your internet venture for sustainability and scalability. These are essential...

You want your business to be sustainable over time, but you want it to grow and "be scalable" as well.

Now, sustainability and scalability are qualities of the market...

You can certainly play an important role in influencing them with effective marketing and branding, but they're really basic characteristics of the markets in which you choose to compete in.

In that sense, designing for marketability or "conceptualizing your internet business for optimum performance within a market" is essentially an issue of truly understanding the ins and outs of the niches you're competing in.


Online Market Research and Recognition...

Estimating Marketability and Profitability!

Issues of Internet Market Research to Find Niches Online

Successful internet business entrepreneurs are permanently on the look out for new niche markets in which to increase their sales, develop alternate sources of revenue, and improve their venture's overall profitability.

For that, they know that effective market research is vital...

They know that without it it's impossible to create a business that is not only sustainable as well as scalable in the long run, but one that is able to inspire a perception of superiority in value created and delivered.


Find Niche Markets Online and Effectively Choose "the One"

How do you know when you've found the right niche to compete in?... How do you recognize the one you'd want to give it your all?

It certainly doesn't hit you over the head with a stick!...

So how do you know... beyond a doubt, when you've found "the one"?

Does it all depend on stuff like search volume and the number of competing websites out there?

I'll tell you right now that while those things, and other similar data do matter, it's really about recognizing special opportunities in building superiority in value, quality, and worth.

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