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Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization.

Effectively Turning Visitors to Excited Buyers!

Planning the Total Conversion Experience...

Internet business sales don't just happen... they're the happy consequence of a tightly integrated process tailored to specific customer needs, that effectively triggers in visitors the motives that drive desires to buy.

Conversion rate optimization is the process by which you guide an increasing number of prospects into becoming buying customers.

I like to call it a conversion experience...

To close a sale, the customer needs to be "in a certain place of comfort" with you... he needs to have made it past a particular point in the process!

Remember, it all starts in the customer... he has a motive to buy, and it's driving him toward the purchase almost helplessly.

A sale is almost guaranteed.

Planning from your customers' point of view is essential... after all, they're the ones that will experience the conversion.

To a visitor it's only an experience, good or bad... he's not necessarily aware that he's "going through any sort of conversion process".

You, on the other hand, have everything to lose or everything to gain!

Plan the experience... and don't fail to consider every little detail.

That's conversion rate optimization!



Designing for Total Internet Business Conversions.

The following are guiding principles that every internet entrepreneur must consider when planning an internet business's conversion process.

They're designed to focus your efforts and give you winning results...


Identify Customer Needs Appropriately, and Develop Your Internet Business's Offers of Value Accordingly!

You know your customer, and you've done your homework as far as estimating the numbers of supply and demand.

You've recognized the needs that you want to address in content, products, services, etc.

However, understand that a need is generated by a "want" or a desire...

A customer may NEED a solution for, say... making money online, developing an internet business, e-business program, etc...

But he WANTS a specific type of financial freedom, a more flexible stream of income, or a particular lifestyle.

You have to be acutely aware of those needs to provide a compatible solution, but you must also understand the desires that drive those needs to provide a logical, benefit-ridden offer of value.


Streamline Your Customer's Search Experience.

In all your research to get your websites off the ground, you've come up with some keywords... their search volume, and how many others compete for traffic from those keywords.

The important thing is to understand the needs, wants, or solutions expressed by customers in the keywords they use...

Then you can provide content, products, and services that are sure to sell because you've taken the steps to design an offer of value in terms of what's familiar and recognizable to customers.

Of course, you'll always need fundamental search marketing... using keywords in webpage optimization, managing of PPC campaigns, writing ad copy, etc.

But is that what will make the difference in value?...

Achieving a perfect "match" between customer needs and offer of value is what will sell.


Determine Your Business's Success Scenarios...

A visitor has just landed on your website...

What would do you like him to do first?... then what?

Success scenarios are all the actions taken by potential customers that will bring them that much closer to a purchase.

For example, you may have designed your website's navigation so visitors "consume" content in a particular order before landing on any of your sales pages, or before they subscribe to your newsletter.

Determining your internet business's success scenarios is a vital aspect in planning the total conversion experience!


The First Purchase as the Essential Milestone!

Perhaps you've heard that the hardest and most expensive sale you'll ever make is that made to a first time customer...

And it's pretty understandable that if you've sold to a customer once, it's highly probable that you can sell to that same customer again... only if his experience during that first sale was a positive one!

You need repeat business from customers if you want a sustainable internet business that grows over time. So a positive first purchase experience is clearly the one unavoidable milestone for internet business longevity.


Explore Opportunities for Repeat Business...

Think about how you can provide additional value for customers.

It's certainly something you'll need to work heavily on. You'll need a fair amount of insight and creativity, but if one thing is sure it's that you can always build upon value.

Think in terms of how you can complement or expand on what you've done.

Add depth and detail in content and products!

Look into developing new content, new marketing ideas, new products, and new outlets for creating and delivering value to keep your internet business fresh and relevant in the eyes of your customers!

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