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Issues of Internet Business Optimization.

Considering Quality, Worth, and Value...

5 Basic Elements of Intelligent Marketing!

What's the true purpose of an internet business? What is it that really motivates you?

It's to consistently improve the profits you can generate now and in the future... I bet.

Internet business optimization... isn't that your true motivator as an internet entrepreneur?

It's important to look at customers as more that just visitors to your internet business websites... more than just numbers in your traffic logs.

You need to secure and protect whatever revenue you can generate with all you've got.

That's the key to building a real internet business... a long and prosperous one.

Understand that whatever revenue you're able to generate down the line with customers you've already converted once is almost cost-free and what internet business optimization is all about.


Build Customer Relationships for Sustainability.

Internet business sustainability. Those are three words that sound pretty important...

It's the core purpose of any type of business... to perpetuate itself and to put in place all the processes necessary for that to happen.

That's why building an online community of loyal customers by developing relationships is a vital part of those processes.

They're an important part in any business, but for internet businesses they're crucial. On the internet, customers don't sense value and quality first hand... they must be proven through interaction.


Exploring New Alternatives of Monetization.

You're never done monetizing your internet businesses...

You must always keep your eyes open to new sources of revenue that complement and enhance your customers' experience and the "usefulness" of your internet business.

It's important when exploring new ways to increase internet sales that you not only consider their effective integration into your current mix, but to understand as well that how they'll contribute to your total sales depends on your ability to properly align them with what you know of your customers' purchase intentions.

Think of ways to develop new products or "repackage" old ones...

Think of new ways to better satisfy known customer needs... even try to inspire in customers totally new needs that only you can satisfy.

It doesn't matter if the products you sell on your websites are yours, if you promote affiliate products, or if you sell clicks in the form of contextual ads... it's how well you understand their "function, fit, and form" that really makes the difference!


Creating Increasing Flows of Traffic.

Traffic is the stuff of cause and effect. I repeat that here because it's a vital point in developing your internet business.

It's the stuff of cause and effect because traffic is conditioned to the processes and structures you've put in place to generate it... so whatever amount of traffic you're able to generate by some particular combination of those processes is unique.

This goes with the idea that if you do the same things, take the same actions, and make the same decisions you'll get the same results...

You need to consider new processes if you want different and hopefully better results.

So you must think creatively to increase website traffic and look at all processes that make up your internet business and validate its effectiveness.


Understanding Performance with Metrics.

There's this business saying... "you can't improve what you don't measure".

It couldn't be more true!

For internet business, metrics are incredibly important because they help you recognize very accurately the experiences your customers have as they use, engage, and interact with everything you've put in place for them to "consume".

Don't get this wrong... the truth is that financial and operational performance is the direct result of the cumulative experiences had by customers.

It's impossible to look at customer experiences as something separate from performance!

So in that sense is that understanding website traffic statistics becomes absolutely necessary in planning for changes, in testing for improvement, and in developing experiences for creating and delivering value.


Securing Engagement and Repeat Business.

Keeping your customers engaged and interested in your internet business and its offers of value is not the result of one-time actions or any particular marketing initiative.

It's the result of a very dynamic process that involves the following three factors.

Research... that cultivates learning and translates it into useful knowledge about your customers, their needs, potential trends in the market, your competition, and your industry.

Testing... in the form of controlled experimentation for deciding what works and what doesn't.

Development... to bring about the needed changes for continuous improvement.

They're essential in building online customer engagement as well as in protecting your internet business's success potential in the long-run.

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