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How to Start an Internet Business Successfully.

The Five Essential Phases of e-Business Design.

A well thought out plan is perhaps the single most important contributor to all the success that you'll ever achieve with your internet business...

And value, as the fundamental driver of all current and future successes is conceived in this critical stage of development.

At the design stage, you're looking to build an initial plan of action!

It should guide your steps in deciding how to start an internet business.

You need to define a working strategy in a manner that will make your internet business valuable, marketable, and profitable.

To do that, you'll need to look at these five fundamental aspects before you even think about anything else...


Estimating an Internet Business's Marketability.

This is the first, and perhaps the most important aspect in planning and designing value into a winning internet business...

Success on the internet won't occur by pure luck, so you need to consider all the things that will improve your chances at that!

So before you rush into anything, decide how, when, and where your efforts will be most fruitful to you and your customer...

You'll learn to create winning websites by estimating their marketability and profitability and carefully performing effective online marketing research because it's necessary in measuring potential revenue and in making certain that you're proceeding on a sure path to success!

What you sell, and how you sell it should depend entirely on how many people want it, how many others are already selling it, and on how much money you can accurately predict you'll make on it.

Creating and delivering value starts here!


Defining Your Primary Theme and Concept.

An internet business's primary theme and concept, or PTC for short, is more than just your website's "look and feel". It's about securing your presence on the internet and in your market resulting from successfully building unique websites that generate interest and emotion...

But, it goes far beyond your website, your e-mailings, or the products you've got for sale!

When defining your internet business's primary theme and concept you're really deciding on how to present, position, and communicate your most important marketing message to potential customers in a way that's...

Appealing, as well as enticing...

In your own trademark voice and style, and most importantly...

That represents customers in what they want to see, read, and buy!

But to do this effectively, it's vital that you design according to what you know about your customers, your competition, and the market as a whole.


Establishing Your Monetization Strategy.

An internet business's monetization strategy is not often viewed as an active contributor to value, but monetization is really as much a driver of value as anything else.

Think about it...

Your chosen strategy for selling and getting paid, can and should be thought of as a way to bring value to customers...

By not only offering an exceptional experience, but also by adding a bit of imagination and creativity to an otherwise "mechanical" process.

Establishing a monetization strategy means defining how to sell online and how to build internet business sales in a way that's compatible with your own plans for profitability.


Considering Traffic Generation Strategies.

Traffic is the lifeblood of all internet businesses. I'm sure you've probably read that somewhere.

But it's true... traffic is your e-business's lifeblood, and the bane of your existence at first!

Generating traffic to your websites is hard in the beginning...

But, if you act effectively according to a well thought out plan, that first trickle of visitors may become a full-on torrent of people wanting to see what you're all about!

A growing stream of traffic is a vote of value for your internet business...

It's proof that you're doing something right!

So whatever you do, consider a strategy to generate website traffic that looks at value and cause and effect as a grand opportunity...

Especially, when planning and evaluating all the different options available to you for this important purpose.


Planning the Total Conversion Experience.

It's rule number 1 of all sales processes in the world... know the product you sell inside and out.

But you're not selling "a product" on the internet, you're selling an experience that extends from search to purchase! So you need to understand that experience as a potential customer would.

It's only by carefully planning the your e-business's total conversion experience that you'll really be able to understand conversion rate optimization and how visitors perceive value when engaging what you've put in place.

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