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Effectively Getting More Website Traffic.

The Search, Traffic, and Value Linkage!

A Vital Process for Internet Business.

Understanding the link that exists between search, traffic generation, and value is the most consequential skill you'll ever need as an internet entrepreneur to generate more website traffic and creating new and increasing sources of it.

It's certainly easy to see how search and traffic generation are both part of the same process... but what about value?

Traffic is more the result of deploying a winning value strategy, than the result of any technical practices for securing search engine placement.

In fact, getting high rankings on the search engines is in fact, a reward for value created... not for writing keyword rich copy or building link popularity.

SEO and all search marketing efforts are extremely important, but they're only one aspect in the "search, traffic, and value" linkage...


Approaching the "Search, Traffic, and Value" Linkage for Sustained Internet Business Success.

It's important to clear up the following point...

The business of search engines is to "estimate" value in millions of webpages published to the internet and suggest them to their users in ranked order.

They have their own standards of value, and they design their processes to "measure" value in webpages against those standards.

But because a webpage's true measures of value are vague, search engines have come up with substitute measures that will collectively define value according to those standards.

Let's take a webpage's link popularity (which is a very important measure of quality to most search engines) as an example...

Why do you think search engines weigh a webpage's link popularity?

Link popularity is one of many substitute measures that search engines use to estimate webpage quality because they assume that if a given webpage consistently gains incoming links, it's because others consider it to be a highly useful and valuable resource.

Of course, that's a simplified example of the complex systems and standards search engines use to determine the value of any webpage...

But in the end, understanding that is the key to more website traffic.



Building an Increasing Flow of Traffic to Your Internet Business Websites...

Although traffic to a website flows from different sources, all efforts aimed at building these sources must focus around two basic strategies.

Generating immediate traffic by properly designing advertising campaigns through pay-per-click marketing services offered by major search engines, and...

Developing an effective search marketing strategy to build sources of increasing flow of traffic.


Generating Value and Traffic Via Pay-Per-Click.

How can generating traffic via PPC help you build customer value?

PPC is a great way to test customer responses in your internet business websites.

It'll cost some money, but it's a worthwhile expense...

Marketing with PPC will generate immediate traffic if you design and execute your campaigns properly... you'll start getting almost immediate feedback as far as visitors' experiences, and how they react to those experiences...

You can test your keywords' conversion potential, find the ones that sell, and adjust your investment accordingly...

The advantage of marketing your websites in PPC is that you can test any aspect of your internet business with virtually immediate feedback.

And yes, the traffic is good...

But you want traffic that takes action on your websites... repeatedly

So if you're going to pay for every click to bring a potential customer in, perhaps you should try to keep that customer in the long-run.


Traffic and a Winning Search Marketing Strategy.

On the surface, a search marketing strategy helps you score a high rank in search engines for any one of your webpages for a given search term or keyword...

The actual reach of effective search marketing goes beyond that...

The ultimate purpose of natural search marketing is to get as many of your pages, to rank well in all major search engines for as many keywords possible.

But what really makes a search engine marketing strategy worthwhile is that in deploying it you'll be creating sources of traffic.

You'll not only be increasing the flow of quality traffic from search engines, but you'll have created in the process sources of additional traffic.

This happens naturally in a search marketing strategy...

Imagine you're into developing interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking content.

You write constantly to publish new content on your websites and in major article directories.

With that you've not only positively influenced your website's link popularity with links from the article directories, but you've also created a source of traffic from visitors who may have stumbled on one of your article contributions, liked it, and decided to check your website out.

A similar situation occurs when you publish new content regularly, when you add new posts to your blogs, or when contribute in forums, etc.

It all has a great effect on your website's visibility, and you'll definitely get welcome attention from the search engines.

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