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Generate Website Traffic and Build a Growing Stream of Visitors with "Cause and Effect"...

The Fundamental Reality of "Cause and Effect".

To generate website traffic... that's one thing. Building an ever-growing stream of it, is another.

When you first publish your websites to the internet, you'll most probably pay for the initial trickle of visitors via PPC... which is no problem at all because it's quite intelligent of you to do so as a means to test the quality and profitability of the keywords and keyphrases you've chosen to optimize your webpages with.

So... you pay for that first sprinkling of traffic, and you test your keywords' profitability as thoroughly as you can by keeping a close eye on conversions and sales.

Then, you optimize your webpages using the specific group of keywords that you feel will have the greatest effect on your conversions and in the overall profitability of your internet business.

This starts you off on your way to generate website traffic, and getting things going!

But it will only grow overtime... even slowly, as it may seem.

This is something that's definitely to be expected.

If you play your cards right however, it'll grow... because building traffic isn't just about PPC, search marketing, and page optimization.

Although they're a huge part of it, many more things contribute to building an increasing stream of visitors to your websites.

Your best effort at building a growing stream of traffic to your internet business should be aimed at making it as efficient as it can be, in terms of how visitors react to it...

How visitors perceive value from it, and in what magnitude!

They will link to you from their websites, they will follow you on Twitter and Facebook, and they will Digg your content, if they can perceive enough quality from your internet business and quickly understand it's about.

Obviously, you'll want to continue refining your PPC strategy, testing your campaigns' effectiveness, testing new keywords, making improvements in your SEO, etc.

It all boils down to value created, how it's perceived, and how people respond to it...

This is the cause and effect approach to building an increasing flow of traffic to your websites.

All decisions you make will have a specific, quantifiable, and recognizable effect on the value perceived by visitors and customers, and the ultimate reactions they're inspired to have in response.


Mechanics of Cause and Effect in Building Traffic and Securing Your Most Desired Responses...

A growing stream of traffic is built in two fundamental ways... that's it.

You can either pay for it, or you can build it naturally...

Each one has it's own place and purpose within an internet business's traffic generation strategy, and using them both as complementary practices may produce excellent results...

However, building your traffic naturally... or "organically", isn't immediate. It's free, but certainly not immediate!

Generating traffic naturally requires time and effort... you need to build links, distribute content effectively, work on your SEO, and make a recognizable name for yourself in the market.

But traffic will come, and it will come sooner rather than later when you understand its behavior and that it is, like so many other elements of your internet business, a thing of cause and effect.

As traffic starts building, it'll come from several sources... links on other websites, search engines, etc.

It'll be a steady stream of traffic...

A very specific amount on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

A stream so steady and constant that you'll know exactly how much to expect...

It's obviously not the same exact number of visitors every day. Some days a little more, some a little less, but certainly around a stable average.

This is where cause and effect comes in, because although you may be happy with that stability now, you want your internet business to grow.

More traffic is more revenue is more profits!

So a growing stream of traffic to your internet business is what you need, not a stable one.

So doing the same things, taking the same actions, and making the same decisions aren't going to produce different results... testing new strategies, and applying the ones that work best will, on the other hand, raise that average to a new and hopefully higher level of stability.

So you repeat the process!

Do you see cause and effect?

A proactive approach in your link building campaigns will render positive results in the long run...

So will blogging more often...

So will adding greater depth and detail to your content...

But remember value because nothing will ever be worth your while if it's not worthwhile for others!

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