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Consider Function and Website Performance.

The "Binding" Component...

Looking at Functional Value in the Grand Experience!

Like in any business, the "operations" or functional aspect of your online venture is vitally important...

Because on the internet, consumers are "instinctively educated".

They're educated in what they expect out their browsing experiences.

You'll be meeting these "experience expectations" by designing, and continually refining functional value.

Functional value refers to the structural design and "operational" elements of your internet business...

It's initially about functionality, integration, and website performance... and how your customers respond as a result!

But, an internet business isn't just a website that idly sits in cyberspace!

If designed properly, your business will need a marketing strategy, a customer service strategy, and if you sell "hard" goods you'll also need some type of product sourcing and stocking strategy...

That's just scratching the surface!

You'll need to look at... and decide about much more.

All these functions, that your e-business must perform in order to operate... and ultimately succeed, must all be part of a coherent whole.

That's why I call this functional aspect of value, the "binding component"...

Website performance, your newsletter e-mailings, your shopping cart, your customer service, etc., must all work together like clockwork!

They must work seamlessly with one another!

And if they do, you'll provide the functional value that your customers expect out of their internet experiences.


Staging Experiences with Functional Value.

Again, it all boils down to experiences! All the success that you'll achieve (or fail to achieve) will depend on...


How aware you are of the fact that customer experiences drive business results.


How well you understand the experiences that customers expect from your internet business.


How well you design and put together all aspects of your internet business to meet those "experiences expectations".


How well you understand the basic methods used to measure how your customers respond to these experiences.


If you design with website performance and functional value in mind, you'll be able to integrate it all into one cohesive structure that is able to...

Provide the experiences that customers expect, generate the responses you want, and ultimately achieve the success you desire!



Looking at Functional Value in Action!

As your understanding of internet business grows, you'll soon realize that success... financial as well as operational, depends on customer experiences and the perception of value they provide.

If you haven't already, you'll soon be learning about web metrics, what they are, and how to interpret them. You'll read about the vital importance of conversion rates (CR), click through rates (CTR), page views, unique visits, etc.

These crucial metrics shed light on performance...

But what do they really measure? What are they really telling you?

The one thing they ultimately shed light upon is customer experiences, and more importantly... how they respond as a result of these experiences.

Consider this...


The Effect of Value and Experiences Have on Your Internet Business's Sales, Revenue, and Profits.

You've put up your website, and you've completed all the initial marketing efforts to get it in front of your customers.

Already, you've managed to get an unexpectedly high amount of visitors...

You're happy as can be!

But your sales are disappointing... not a single sale! Naturally, you want to know why.

This is definitely unexpected considering the amount of traffic you're website has been getting.

You turn to your traffic statistics and find some surprising details...

Your traffic comes from pay-per- click (PPC) advertising, so you assume that your ads are "good" because people click through, but...

You also learn that the average time a visitor spends on your landing page is under a single minute...

You've got a serious problem here!

Your ad's click through rate (CTR) is great, but for some reason your conversion rate (CR), average time per visit, and page views are weak...

Is it the ad? The website? The landing page? What?...

Could the problem be that they're poorly structured to work together? That you designed each with no thought of the other?

Evidently, if visitors aren't even glancing at your landing page... you're having trouble providing the "experience" they expect from reading your ad and then landing on your website.

Worst of all, soon the search engines will bill you for the ads, and you aren't even able to get your visitors to look at your offer!

All because of "little" things like functional value and a coherent experience!

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