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The Most Frequently Asked Questions at MarketingWithValue.Com and More!

These frequently asked questions at MarketingWithValue.Com are designed for you to quickly understand what MVW is all about... what you'll read within its content, and what you can hope to get out of it.

You'll learn the fundamental ideas that inspired the content herein and the perspective from which it's written, so you can consider it as you see fit, take with you what you need, and use it to your advantage.


What is MarketingWithValue.Com?

MarketingWithValue.Com is an outlet of opinion, targeted for internet entrepreneurs where issues of internet business design, development, and growth are analyzed from the perspective that creating and delivering real customer value is the only path to success and sustainability.

Check out This is MarketingWithValue.Com for a more detailed presentation.


What MarketingWithValue.Com is not...

MarketingWithValue.Com is NOT a "tips and techniques" resource. It's not a "click here... then click there" website.

It isn't conceived as a "how-to" guide because it's designed to be a complementary resource that describes how and why these "tips and techniques" actually do work, and how they contribute in creating and delivering value.

The reason is simple...

The internet is already full of these types of "how-to" guides and e-business materials...

Many are great additions to your stock of internet marketing resources and vital in providing guidance and support.

In that sense I choose not to offer more of what is already available in amount and quality, but to complement with what I feel isn't so frequent or readily available.


Who Benefits from MarketingWithValue.Com the Most?

MarketingWithValue.Com is created for entrepreneurs that recognize that designing, developing, and operating an internet business is more than just publishing a website...

More than website design, traffic, advertising, and search engines...

That they depend on the other to create the synergy that makes an business on the internet great.

It's meant for creative entrepreneurs who want insight as well as instruction as far as why things are as they are, and why things work how they do.


Is "the Value Ingredient" Specially for Internet Entrepreneurs?

Yes, the Value Ingredient is presented as an internet business model and MWV's main content contribution. It's a conceptual methodology for building customer value at every instance of an e-business's development.


What is "The Experiences Perspective"?

In MWV, the Experience Perspective within internet business strategy is a concept that describes how value is perceived through every customer's direct or indirect interaction.


What's "Internet Business In Action!" All About?

It's about getting a great internet business plan into action by describing the phases involved in an internet business's natural evolution... design, development, optimization, and expansion, all from the point of view of creating and delivering value.


What's included in "Internet Marketing Resources"?

Within "Internet Marketing Resources" are all the tools and materials which have helped me the most in designing, developing, and operating MarketingWithValue.Com... they're included here as recommendations for you to consider as you see fit.


Why are Case Studies Included in MWV?

Case studies are included in MarketingWithValue.Com because it's the best way to examine how successful entrepreneurs design value into their businesses and how they stage the experiences that make them great.

The case studies within "Internet Marketing Strategy" are written to give you a clear look at the mindset, actions, and processes that are used in creating and delivering value.


What to Should I Expect from "The Lora Papers"?

By subscribing to "The Lora Papers", our free e-mail newsletter, you'll be receiving news and updates on the most current and relevant issues of internet business, marketing, entrepreneurship, business development, etc., with emphasis on results, analysis, and conclusions.

Signing up is easy... you can use the form included in the right margin of every page or the one in "The Lora Papers" Newsletter Page.


How do I Navigate Through MWV Most Effectively?

All pages herein follow the same general template. Navigation menus are provided at the top, bottom, and left margin of each page.

The top and bottom navigation menus include all the usual links like contact, about, and legal, as well as other important sections like the "resources" and "case studies" sections.

Also, the menu provided on the left margin is our main navigation, the quickest and easiest access to all our content, and the one you'll likely be using the most.

You may browse throught it from top to bottom if you'd like, and don't forget to look out for links within each page!

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