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Staging the Best Online Experience.

Creating Value at Every Interaction!

This is the Experience Perspective...

Internet business success isn't the result of any one single marketing effort!

It requires a collection of dedicated, specific, and coherent actions taken to stage the best online experience with which to provide exceptional value for potential customers...

The Experience Perspective is a fully integrated internet business strategy.

Value doesn't exist until it's perceived through some kind of interaction that results in a certain experience.

You can put products up on your website, you can place ads for them in the search engines... but that isn't enough to create value, is it?

Not by a long shot!...

You can target all the right keywords, place them all strategically throughout your website, write up the perfect PPC ads... but a certain interaction with customers is necessary to deliver value!

And further still, a specific experience needs to be had in that interaction!


A Vital Element in Creating and Delivering Value.

Considering every customer's interaction and the resulting experience is fundamental in designing an internet business's marketing strategy.

This goes beyond optimizing your visitor's experience while visiting your website! It's not just improving your website's navigation or optimizing its content for the search engines.

Staging the best online experience is more than that...

You'll need to look at every aspect of a customer's experience at every engagement, whether direct or indirect...

A certain process is triggered the very moment a potential customer recognizes or identifies his need or desire. So he'll go on the internet for several things...

He'll want to find sources of solutions...

He'll research different alternatives...

And, then decide on the one that best satisfies that initial need...

But in all these "instances of interaction" certain experiences are expected.

You should thoroughly understand them because you'll be able to directly control some of them, or indirectly influence some others.

Just typing keywords into a search engine will deliver an experience!

Obviously, you'll never directly control the search experience... but if you do your job right, you'll certainly be able to influence it.

The important thing is to consider experiences as one building upon the other to create the perception of value that wins the customer over!



The Real Nature of the Online Experience.

Business experts everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the critical role that experiences play in creating and delivering value.

They're recognizing that value isn't created by designing features into a product... it's perceived via personal experiences at various points in the purchase process.

But the online experience is complex...

You can't think of experiences as discrete and unrelated events...

It's a "total experience of value"... the sum of all experiences had by customers at every direct or indirect interaction with your e-business.

Certain scenarios describe how customers experience buying on internet, and they can be defined as follows...



The Vital Scenarios of Online Experiences.


The Search | The Experience of How Customers Search the Internet

The search experience is vital. It's the first indirect interaction that your customers will experience when they've become aware of their need. It's your job to be present in their search efforts, and hopefully trigger a purchase reaction down the road.


The Landing | More Than Just a Landing Page Design

When a customer finally lands on your website he'll expect a very specific experience! Certainly, this has to do with aspects of design, structure, and functionality. But more importantly, you should seek to secure a strong emotional connection that somehow makes you special and unique.


The Presentation | A Vital Experience if You Sell Items Online

So you've managed to get in the search engines and the customer has found you. He's also found that you've provided excellent content, and can offer the perfect solution for his need. But, he's not ready to buy yet! He'll need something else... a special experience before he decides to buy.


The First Purchase | An Experience Crucial to Sell on the Internet

In reality, your customer will never feel absolute safety and security before his first purchase. There will always be a certain sense of doubt before that very first purchase. But, understand that if your customer's expectations at this stage aren't met, then the consequences for your internet business may be disastrous.


A Dynamic Consistency | Experiences for Successful Internet Business

After a successful first purchase, marketing to that customer becomes a little simpler... not easy, but simpler. You've provided enough positive experiences to get over the hurdle of the first purchase. From now on, you'll need to continuously re-invent the way you stage new experiences and how you provide sustaining value.

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