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Monetize Website Revenue and Online Income.

Focus on Packaging for Marketability!

An internet business isn't a website... an internet business is a real business in all respects. And as that, it'll require much of your time and effort to make it sustainable first, and exceedingly successful second.

That's the plain truth, and to think it's any different is a big mistake.

Generating revenue and turning out a profit online involves just as many things as doing it offline... time, effort, work, creativity, technical ability, marketing savvy, entrepreneurial thinking, and consistency above all else.

In my experience building a plan to monetize website revenue and online income is in it's most basic sense, an exercise of auto-discovery and thorough self-assessment.

You need to look at what you're true capabilities are, as far as time and core competencies and in terms of the options that make the most sense to monetize your internet business with.

Succeeding as an affiliate, for instance, isn't just about putting up affiliate links all over your websites... it has much more to do with an effective marketing and promotional strategy.

The same goes for selling your own products or reselling for a third party...

It's all about a plan... a plan that's effective in promoting your business, whatever it's nature, on the internet.


Different Monetizing Options, Same Business...

Whether you choose to monetize via affiliate marketing, selling your original product, sourcing for resale, or a mix of them all, you're essentially in the same business... marketing and promotion.

Of course, every option for website monetization is different with regard to it's basic nature and the processes required to run with them successfully.

But in the end, the real issue of effectively generating the revenue you want is a matter of proper marketing and creative promotion.


Think in terms of "Packaging for Marketability" and Sources of Value, not Just Products...

Proper marketing and creative promotion entail more than just the product itself... whether you develop it yourself or source it from others is irrelevant.

If you're to sell them on the internet successfully you need to look at other equally important things as well.

It's packaging is vital... not the product's physical packaging obviously, but it's internal packaging or better said, its "packaging for marketability" which involves its presentation, the sales copy, its benefits, its guarantees, and any other relevant sales and promotional content the product needs to be sold effectively.

Think of a product's "packaging" as an essential part of the products itself...

It doesn't matter how you choose to monetize your websites... whether you choose to do it with Adsense ads, affiliate promotions, or originally developed products.

The idea remains the same...

You must look at "packaging for marketability" if you want to sell efficiently.


Build Sources of Value Within Your "Package"...

Again, "packaging for marketability" refers to all the sales and promotional content needed to effectively sell a product on the internet.

In that regard, "packaging" must actively involve sources of customer value.

Value must be designed into "packaging for marketability"...

Remember that on the internet, you don't sell products... you sell benefits, hope, solutions, and ideas.

They must all be part of your "packaging for marketability".

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