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A Revolution Among e-Commerce Solutions.

Integrating the Vital Product Sourcing Function!

Product sourcing is something that until recently you wouldn't have heard in the same sentence with "the internet" and "online business"...

It was largely a thing exclusive to the offline business world...

But the internet evolved from being the "wondrous playground" of just a few visionary entrepreneurs to becoming the greatest business arena the world has ever known.

So it was only natural that such a vital business function as product sourcing took on this new and much expanded role.

For that, we can all thank the people of Worldwide Brands... who go to work every day to provide us all with access to many of the most reliable channels of supply with which to build our internet businesses.

They've created what I feel is one of the most unique and truly useful products sold online.

A true revolution among available e-commerce solutions!

Revolutionary not for their huge database of real wholesale suppliers, whose sheer size is enough proof of its quality...

But also for the way they've integrated it into a product specifically meant to be a crucial part of an internet business's day-to-day operations.


Designing into a Product the Most Vital Pieces of the Internet Business Puzzle...

If you look at the Worldwide Brands Wholesale Product Directory you'll soon realize that it's not just a list... it's an integrated e-business solution.

It spans above and beyond it's product sourcing core into vital areas like marketing, advertising, and competitive research.

That makes their product particularly unique... and the reason why it has so quickly become a solution of strategic importance for many loyal customers and committed users.

It's precisely that infrequent "marriage" of functions within a product so brilliantly designed, that serves as their prime source of value.

This effectively enables Worldwide Brands to better generate an improved level of interest from entrepreneurs who not only need the product sourcing "functional" tools, but the market analytics as well.


Powerfully Linking a Brand Name to a Vital Business Function...

The name Worldwide Brands is synonymous with "product sourcing for online business"... much more so than any other trademark on the internet.

They dedicate considerable time and marketing resources to promoting the ins and outs of product sourcing... their core business endeavor.

Successfully working with wholesale suppliers...

Properly aligning a sourcing strategy with the right sourcing method, and...

Effectively setting up an agile "stocking and fulfillment" procedure.

They've taken these, and quite a few other fundamental processes and structured a formal e-commerce strategy...

It's their definitive product sourcing blueprint for internet business that defines their exceptional offer of value, and complements it so perfectly.

It's also what they use to educate their customers as far as effective product sourcing practices, and to point out the huge difference that exists between a real sourcing strategy and simple routine purchasing...

A truly unique solution for a vital function of internet business!

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