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Securing a Leadership in Value!

The Implications of True Leadership Value.

What are the implications of a leadership position within the market?

What does building "a leadership in value" mean?

Building "a leadership in value" or "inspiring in customers a perception of superiority" is essential for business on the internet.

For illustration purposes, think about the biggest players in any market on the internet...

What's different about them?...

What's their edge?...

Why are they the recognized leaders?...

They're the leaders and trend setters simply because their customers can perceive more value from their offers than those of competitors.

They create a tangible and definite superiority which immediately translates into recognition, sales, business sustainability, and money in your pocket!

Building leadership in value depends on...


The nature and degree of this perceived superiority, and...


Your ability to provide the experiences for customers to accurately perceive the differences.


Again, every customer will experience your internet business differently, and they'll have an immediate impression of the value provided...


Mechanics of Internet Business Leadership.

Your value strategy's design is vital...

It's important that customers perceive more value and relevancy in your formally stated benefits to create that general sense of superiority...

Recall the "benefits gap"!

It all boils down to this... to secure a leadership position within the market you must create a superior offer and value proposal.

So understanding how value is perceived by customers is key.



How is Value Perceived on the Internet?

Competition on the internet is real...

It's fierce, dog-eat-dog, and cut-throat competition!

You'll be competing for placement in the search engines, for ad positioning, and for much of the same traffic within your niche.

Differences in value are perceived in one of three ways...


As Obvious and Unquestioned Differences.

This is how we'd all like our value proposals to be perceived.

But to strategically build an unquestioned superiority takes time and planning... it's not something that happens overnight.

It's certainly not easy to completely dominate a market with a value proposal so great, so uniquely different, and so superior by far, that customers just magically flock in masses!

Only masterfully crafted experiences can build value of such superiority.

But it's possible... the internet is filled with small e-businesses and internet entrepreneurs like you that prove that as a fact!

You'll need to understand your customers very well, and know the exact benefits they're after so you can develop the appropriate experience that will deliver those benefits as needed.


As Minor, but Noticeable Differences.

This is really all you need to start building your brand on the web and your presence within your niche...

These minor differences in value are subtle!

Your customers won't even be able to understand them specifically, but they'll know they're there...

They'll know that there's something about you and your internet business that makes them feel safe and secure!

They trust you! They don't know why, but they do...

Because you're different and they've experienced something real that's not just more of the same.

It's emotional at that point...

So you need to use this opportunity to create something a bit more tangible that widens the barely recognizable appeal and secures your value proposal's superiority beyond a doubt.


No Perceivable Difference at All.

This is reality for most businesses on the internet.

Just think about all e-business websites that exist on the web... all coming at you with offer after offer.

Can you really perceive much difference in value?

How many of them strike you as truly unique?

You'll soon realize that those that do catch your eye... stage an intricate, and targeted experience that grows on you over time.

In those rare cases, someone did sit down, created a customer profile, planned a specific experience, considered all the benefits, designed a value proposal, and chose how, where, and when to present it.

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