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Building Unique Websites by Conceiving an Effective Primary Theme and Concept...

Effectively Influencing Perception of True Value!

As I said before, any success that you ultimately achieve as an internet entrepreneur hinges upon your ability at differentiation... at building unique websites.

You shouldn't just think about your original and unique offer of value, but also how you present it in your website, your blog, your e-mailings, etc.

You want to influence a perception of superiority in your target audience as much as possible...

That's how entrepreneurs hit it big on the internet...

But influencing a perception of superiority is a skill that's learned by doing...

It's got everything to do with communicating with your audience, and how you present your ongoing sales message by building unique websites again and again.

To this end, developing your internet business's primary theme and concept (PTC) is key.

Three basic things make up an effective PTC...

First is creating a general theme for your internet business that your audience and potential customers can immediately identify with.

Then, there's selecting an effective concept or "alternatives framework" that's not only original, unique, and has great appeal to your target audience, but is also the most faithful representation of how your offer of value is different.

Lastly, there's the issue of "voice and personality"... how you choose to communicate with your audience to present your offer of value.

But, the single most important purpose of an effective PTC is...

To make your internet business seem different and special in the eyes of your customers.

Or better yet, being different as a matter of fact, more than just seeming to be.

If you want to be a great success, then your internet business must be perceived as different and superior!



An e-Business's Primary Theme and Concept.

Again, success is all about influencing your audience into a perception of obvious superiority...

Only through your internet business's PTC and its particular theme, concept, and voice will you be able to stress those differences and create a place within your market from which you can comfortably compete in.

Here's how this should happen...


The Thematic Center of Your Internet Business.

Ideally, you've decided on a general theme for your internet business because you've done all the necessary research, and thoughtfully considered supply and demand...

So your internet business, its website, and all its offerings should spark... at the very least, a minimal interest in your intended audience.

An interest... even as small as to make potential customers want to peak in, is enough at this point!

Your PTC's general theme describes what your internet business is about... it should be absolutely clear and evident, as soon as a potential customer lands on your website.

There should be absolutely no question as far as what you're about, and what you provide.


Influencing a Perception of Superiority Over Competitors.

A perception of superiority is really only secured with a unique concept or "alternatives framework", and a particular "voice and personality".

Your concept or "alternatives framework" are all the things you offer your customers that make your internet business different and which will give you some sort of competitive edge...

And I'm not just referring to products, prices, or marketing strategies.

It's the whole of your internet business's offer of value... a unique twist, view, or outlook. Everything about your internet business must contribute in creating customer value.

So your PTC's "alternative framework" must not only revolve around the actual products you sell, or the marketing strategies you use to sell them...

Your website's design surely adds a lot in creating and delivering value... so it should also be a part of your "alternatives framework".

The same goes for how your content is written, its quality, and originality...

It's really no different for any other aspect of your internet business.

The rule is this... if it drives value, then it must be an important part of your "alternatives framework", and an opportunity for you to be different!

Now, with an appropriate "voice and personality" you can certainly improve your chances of being perceived as superior.

And this is not only how write, or what you write...

It's how you communicate with your audience in general!

Just imagine what great things you can do with your internet business if you could deliver value by merely conveying ideas and expressing them in an original, unique, and thought-provoking manner.

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