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Successfully Building Targeted Website Traffic.

Securing Sales, Revenue, and Profits!

Quite simply, building targeted website traffic is traffic that converts... or more appropriately, it's traffic that has more than a good chance of converting.

It's essentially traffic that can potentially make you money now or some time in the future.

Building targeted traffic, however, is a result of several successful actions including (but not limited to) relevant marketing, efficient website architecture, and a proper design and mapping out of experiences, success scenarios, and conversion paths.

Now, it seems as though "building targeted traffic" is somehow something different from just "building traffic"...

The truth is that although it can be, in reality targeted traffic is the only kind of traffic you should be trying to get...

Because what good is untargeted traffic to you as an internet business entrepreneur, if chances are that it isn't going to contribute to your venture's growth in sales, revenue, or profits.

That key point is essential when you're deploying the strategies to attract that traffic, and to convert it once it's in your websites...


A Strategy to Attract Targeted Website Traffic...

Targeted traffic results from effective planning and design...

It's a matter of understanding customer intent and satisfying it at every instance of customer interaction... in a customer's search, during the customer's landing, through the presentation and his first purchase.

Effective keyword selection, ranking in the search engines, and relevancy to customer intent are of course, points of vital importance.

But even as early as during your customer's search efforts you have a great chance to influence the quality of your traffic by taking the time to "brand" each one of your webpages effectively.

Remember, search engine index pages... not websites.

And, each one gives you a very special opportunity to "qualify" traffic as per customer intent if you appropriately "brand" your pages by describing their true nature and subject matter.


Capturing Customers' Attention With Creative and Effective Page Titles and Descriptions...

Take page titles and descriptions for example...

Your titles and descriptions provide you with the chance to address customer intent, to draw attention, and to qualify traffic... even before they see your website.

This is very powerful stuff...

It not only helps you rank better in the SERP's and in capturing potential customers' attention, but you're also going a long way in enhancing his search experience with regards to your pages and "prequalifying" that traffic before they click through.

Why don't you try this...

Look at the keywords you've chosen for each of your website's pages, then go ahead and perform searches on those keywords, and see what results you get.

The first question is... can I optimize my pages better than those suggested in the SERPs to rank for these keywords?

Then, look at the titles and descriptions... do they describe the true nature of the webpages being suggested to the customer?

And, were they intentionally written to attract traffic and capture searchers' attention?

If not, then you've got a world of opportunity to take advantage of.


Building "Unique Branding Opportunities" with Every Page Within Your Website...

Each page of your website represents a distinct opportunity for building targeted website traffic... each is like a unique "presentation" channel you can use to attract potential customers.

Think of it like this...

Every one of your webpages should ideally be optimized for one search terms (two at most) for ranking purposes.

And, each should ideally be "brandable" and "marketable" on its own.

If your pages rank for each of their main keywords and you've included those keyword in their descriptions, search engines will present those "marketable" descriptions you've written and not some random, or marginally relevant blurb of text in their SERP's.

That's a perfect branding and marketing opportunity you just can't let slide.

Just imagine if you're pages could be present in the SERP's for any of your customers' searches, and at the same time have that experience be worth something special when they look at your listings.

Like I said... extremely powerful stuff.

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