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Creatively Building Online Customer Engagement.

Thriving in e-Business with Customer Knowledge...

All internet businesses should build online customer engagement on some level...

I like to think that a great level of customer engagement is better referred to as commitment... that not only generates sales, but does so repeatedly.

That's where our focus must be... on generating commitment and repeat business.

And repeat business is what we all need if we'd like our internet businesses to last.

We should all want a customer base that is highly committed to our particular internet businesses for the value created and delivered.

Customers become engaged first, then they become committed, and then... and only then, can sufficient repeat business be generated...

It happens in that order.

It's all about building an continuous flow of new customers, and keeping them engaged and committed over time to grow your internet business.

But with such an over-abundance of offers in any given market on the internet, it's important to pay careful attention to everything that can help you and your e-business to stand out from the crowd.

Knowledge can certainly help you stand out from the crowd...

With it you can bring about the right changes in your internet business to build stronger engagement, turn it into deep commitment, and secure sales in the future.


Gaining Knowledge and Insight to Generate Commitment and Improved Business Results.

You're generating traffic to your websites... and it's quite probable it's all of potential buyers that you must involve in excited interaction.

You interpret all their actions, decisions, and responses, then you adjust and make whatever changes are necessary...

You grow "smarter". You've created engagement...

Soon, customers will find your products, benefits, and offers of value more relevant and attractive because you know more of their intent than do your competitors.

You can provide customers things that competitors can't... a kind of value not available anywhere else on the web at any price.

Now you've created commitment...

Sales are sure to follow!

Experts like to call this "a learning relationship". I really don't think they could've come up with a more appropriate name for it...

Because in the end, it's about cultivating a very special kind of relationship with customers. One based on experiences and interaction... a true "learning relationship".

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