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The Main Input of Effective Website Design...

Creating Emotional Value!

Engaging Customers with the "Soft" Component.

Emotional value is the basic input of an effective website design...

Initially, it can only be delivered through your internet business's website because most likely, you'll engage your visitors through it first. It'll likely be found in search engines, ads or links on other websites, article posts, etc.

Your website is your business's "hub"... you must somehow set it apart from the rest.

Connecting with potential customers on an "emotional" level will help you do this.

But it's intangible, it's subtle... customers should feel surprised by your "curious little site".

You want to present an internet business that delivers huge amounts of perceivable value! More so than those all-too-common, emotionless, "corporate" websites.

Emotional value begins with your website's look, feel, and personality. It should inspire in your visitors an immediately positive first impression.

Understanding the elements of proper web design and development should help you to...


Create a simple, yet professional and engaging website that truly represents your business and its general "theme".

In internet business, design simplicity is key!


Represent your internet business accurately. Consider your business and its products. Is it "technologically inclined"? Is it formal and serious? Or is it "hip" and playful?

Your website's look, feel, and personality should reflect the "tone" of your business.


The Vital Importance of First Impressions...

Understand that first impressions are vital.

Recall your own experiences surfing the web. Think about how much time passes before you click on your browser's "back" button when you first land on a website you don't immediately like or feel "connected" to.

Do you give that site a second glance? Most probably not.

Web surfers know what they want and they're extremely selective when it comes to giving websites a chance... specially so if it's a business website with commercial ends.

You're "building" your business's brand and presence on the web even on a customer's first visit. Or better said... specially on that first visit.

You must understand what's at work here!

You're building an experience at every engagement.

Emotional value starts with first impressions.

But, your ultimate goal is to "grow" on your visitors as they get acquainted with your internet business.



Maintaining Emotional Value in the Long Run...

Maintaining the "emotional connection" that attracted visitors to you in the first place is hard to do... it requires a great deal of effort to instill in your internet business the constant "freshness" it needs.

Understanding your customers' "experiences" of your e-business and how they evolve over time is crucial...

And they'll surely evolve.

Curiosity will always be satisfied and novelty will fade in time.

It's natural...

So your business, its website, and all its elements must be "vibrant", "lively", and "active" in the eyes of your customers...

They should perceive an e-business in "constant motion".

Two factors are vital...

The first is "experience development", which describes...


The manner in which customers "experience" your e-business,


What customers expect out of each experience,


How experiences dictate customers' perception of value, and...


How you must design your internet business to deliver a "fresh" experience every time you engage a customer.


The second is "relationship building"...

By building relationships... ones that are solid and long-lasting, you'll get to know your customers and they'll get to know you.

You'll be able to stage "experiences" unique only to your internet business!

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