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Attributes of Great Online Content.

The Hard Component...

Effectively Building Structured Content Value!

People search the internet seeking information. They look for unique online content in the form of solutions, education, instruction, etc.

So when you finally find a truly wonderful website, you'll find yourself returning to it time and again.

What makes it so appealing?... not the images, not the navigation.

Definitely not the sales pitch!

It's definitely the content...

Worthwhile content builds customer loyalty! It's a top priority when building your internet business.

Now, an appealing design and a clean look might "hook" your customers initially. But it surely isn't enough to "get them sold".

Online Content value always comes first!

In fact, it's a natural part of your sales efforts...



Engaging Customers with Worthwhile Content.

Information is only served through online content... the way to "win your customers over".

It must be interesting, engaging, and original and you should consider these three attributes above all others...


Relevancy of Content...

Providing content value means keeping content relevant...

It must satisfy the specific demands for information that your audience searches the internet for...

You must deliver exactly what best fulfills the "information needs" of potential customers.

One key aspect of relevancy is scope, which refers to the general focus of your content.

Your scope is broad if it's general and all-inclusive...

It's narrow, on the other hand, if it focuses specifically around specially targeted topics.

Scope is crucial for relevancy...

Too broad will make your content marginally relevant and your message may be lost in a "jumble of information".

Conversely, you run the risk of excluding a large part of your audience if you scope too narrow.


Substance of Content...

Substance is the "depth", originality, and "voice" of your content.

How detailed is your message delivered?

How "rich" is the information provided?

Does it really educate and satisfy a true need?

This is the "editorial" quality of your content.

The goal is to make potential customers look upon you as a trusted resource of valuable, interesting, and engaging information.

Then there's that "little" matter of originality...

You'd be hard pressed to come up with 100 percent, truly original content all the time... absolute originality is hard to come by these days!

You're job is to stage a "special" experience with your content.

By giving it an unlikely or unique twist...

By providing new ways to look at existing information, or simply by providing different perspectives on matters of interest.

You'll need to develop an appropriate and acceptable "voice" as well... one that accurately represents your audience.


Quality of Content...

Once you've determined what the specific information needs of your market are, and you've planned your content accordingly, you need to present it in a way that's useful.

How well does the information you provide serve the intentions of your audience? After all, what good is relevant data if it doesn't result in "consumable" information.

For information to be valuable, it must inspire some type of action...

Whether it's to help them decide on a specific issue, increase understanding on certain matters, or act on the basis of what is learned.

Another thing to think about is the presentation vehicle...

Content can be presented in various formats (written text, audio, video, etc.), through different vehicles (websites, blogs, podcasts, forums, etc.), and distributed via many services (social media, news media, etc.) and technologies (e-mail, RSS, etc.).

The effectiveness of the presentation vehicle itself is crucial...

Although popular formats like video and audio can be extremely effective in presenting your content in unique and entertaining ways...

There's no substitute for what's written on a webpage!

Alternative presentation vehicles are awesome and highly effective complements, but it's what's written that will sell in the end.

But however you choose to present your content, it should be clear and concise so your message is not lost.



"Edge Out" Your Competition!

In such a crowded environment as the internet, edging out your competition can certainly be difficult. However, it may just be matter of providing superior content value.

Consider your competition's offer. For now, don't focus on their "hard" offers... just on their content.

Are they providing laser-targeted relevancy?

Is their content's scope too broad?

More importantly, can you pinpoint areas where perhaps narrowing down your own content, while "deepening" detail might help you provide a more worthwhile experience?

Think of the "usefulness" of the information provided.

Ask yourself the following question...

"Can I develop content so great that customers just don't have a choice but to acknowledge that in my internet business is the best source of information and solutions they seek?"

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